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Martin Holovský
cybersecurity architect - interested in innovative technologies, bio/brain hacking, transhumanism, cyberpunk, blockchain, and deep learning. (Defensive.Network)

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

In this article, which is a starting point in our cybersecurity journey, we will focus on Cyber Threat Actors, on how we can group them, what is their motivation, who is their target and how you can perform threat profiling to map those who apply to you or your company.

I do believe that for the beginning will be a better approach to understand who your adversaries are instead of jumping right into solutions for specific problems.

This is an important step because you can go deeper and identify for whom you are the target, what tactics/techniques they use, what…

Each blockchain platform has a different set of capabilities, but you might not see clearly which platform will suit your needs or expectations from a mature blockchain ecosystem where you can run your own decentralized and distributed application, service, or a whole business. My comparison table can give you this insight quickly.

The primary objective was a side-by-side comparison of selected platforms so you can evaluate personally if they are suitable for your needs and how they are prepared for the future when blockchains will not be seen only as isolated platforms for crypto coins but more as an extension…

Writing or reading CVs is often a boring exercise, and you never know if a recruiter will clearly understand your main skills, experience, and how you fit for a role. I tried to use a different approach and transformed three pages of text into a Mind Map, and you can do the same.

I have seen many CVs (~100), different templates, and styles of writing. In many cases, it wasn't clear to me what those guys actually know, what level of experience he/she has, and in which areas can be a candidate strong.

One day I was working on a…

In this article, I would like to explain what are the main purposes and reasons for the existence of the Defensive Network. As this will be a long journey I would appreciate any support and feedback from anyone with whom this will resonate.

As you might realize, the primary topic will be cybersecurity, but cybersecurity is directly connected to and dependent on many other areas, like availability, scalability, effectiveness, automation, continuous improvement, and testing, to name a few.

“Efficiency is doing things right and effectiveness is doing the right things.”
— Peter Drucker

In my career which has taken me…

Most people around me know Elon Musk only as CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, so they might not see how things fit together with his other companies which are not that well-known in public, and that there is a good reason behind each one of them. That was the reason for writing this story and making a visualization that shows how they are connected together.

If you came here just to see my visualization, please scroll down to the bottom of the page, but I do believe it's worth spending a few minutes and read about the mission, products, and…

Martin Holovský

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